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                The tendency of oil companies to optimize the hydrocarbon recovery from their existing oilfield has triggered the number of in-fill drillings and especially work over and well services. In line with the advance of technology, we start to equip our capability in the latest techniques of drilling such as Top Drive.

Currently, we own two units of Tesco Top Drive 500 ton HCI 1205 HP and two units of Tesco Top Drive 250 ton HMIS 475 HP, we are planning to have an additional unit to support our service in this business.

Top drives reduce drilling costs by improving on traditional drilling methods. If you own or rent a Tesco Top Drive, you can:

  • Rotate, hoist and circulate mud through the drill string simultaneously and substantially reduce the risk of down hole problem
  • Drill with up to triple (ninety foot) stands of pipe instead of single (thirty foot) stands of pipe.
  • Make connections with the bit on bottom

               Top drive design features improve drilling efficiency and reduce the risk of losing expensive downhole tools. In difficult drilling conditions (deviated, horizontal and underbalanced wells), these features are even more important.

                Our Tesco Top Drives are portable. We ship them in three, twenty-foot sea container, to any drilling location in the world. Our products can be installed or virtually all drillings or workover rigs in less than twenty four hours. As an operator or drilling contractor you can expect significant, immediate economic benefits when you rent a Tesco top drive drilling system.

Type Of Top Drive
  •   250 Tons
  •   500 Tons
  •   Certificates
Type Of Cementing
  •   CMT1-001 CMP
  •   CMT1-002 CMP
  •   CMT2-001 CMP
Top Drive
  250 Tons  
  500 Tons  
  CMT1-001 CMP  
  CMT1-002 CMP  
  CMT2-001 CMP  
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